UPVC French Doors Bolton

For those concerned about the security of their property, PVC French doors from Bolton Upvc Windows are steel-reinforced, and feature an advanced six-point locking system. They are also fitted with an 'anti-jacking' system, specifically designed to prevent intruders from lifting the door panels out and internally glazed so glass cannot be removed from the outside. Providing maximum light and ventilation and are an ideal lternative to patio doors and provide a stylish way to open up your property or conservatory to your garden or patio area .Also suitable for use as a porch entrance allowing more sunlight into your hall area. A French Door can provide an opening large enough to fit most items of household furniture through


With Multi point locking system fitted as standard across our range ensuring excellent security for your property . Any company can provide you cheap replacement upvc french doors in Bolton but All upvc french doors installed by us have the following features as standard.We will be happy to provide an estimate for you to compare our prices and are sure you will be amazed at the cost and quality of our products


We do conversions from flat windows to a upvc Patio or upvc french door all fitted to such a high standard that your home will look as if these were installed as a part of the original building.We are more than happy to supply you with a free estimate

 upvc french doors Bolton  upvc french windows Bolton

Our doors have the following features:

  • 3 hinges to each door for strength and exceptional weight distribution.
  • point high security locking system features 2 hook locks, 4 roller cams, deadbolt and latch.
  • 2 anti lift pins to each door prevent door being illegally levered upwards to disengage locks
  • Restricter mechanism fitted to outward opening door automatically prevents accidental wind damage
  • Facility to have both doors with fully operational handles.
  • Energy and sound efficient 28mm double-glazed panels
  • Steel reinforcement and fully welded joints.
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